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Professional Wedding Officiant

Hello! I’m Danielle (aka Dani) and I LOVE LOVE. I grew up with Father of the Bride as my favorite movie. I was a bride in the days before Pinterest, when we used actual magazine clippings for our vision boards. I got married in October 2010 to that handsome bearded guy (that photo is our 10 year anniversary photo shoot). Planning my wedding, I was a picky bride. I was a bit of a perfectionist. I cared about every single detail. That included the wording for our ceremony. In writing it myself, I was able to keep the traditional parts that I wanted, scrap the parts Tj & I didn’t necessarily believe in, and adapt that script into what our marriage was going to be built on. THOSE words. THOSE promises. A whirlwind of life later, here we are and I would love to give you the same kind of experience. You can be as hands on or hands off of your ceremony as you’d like. Want to be on top of every detail of the ceremony? I’m here for it. Want to roll with it and have one less thing to worry about? I’m your girl. I’d love to hear about your vision for your wedding, and see how we can work together. 

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